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[J] Newborn Session

Time to share this adorable, little guy's newborn session! He was wide awake at the beginning of his session and seemed like he wasn't going to go to sleep. But, eventually, he did fall asleep and we were able to capture some very snuggly sibling photos. I did sneak some little, lovey stuffed animals- one is the "fox in the box" photo and the other he is cuddling a little lamb in the baby bed photo.

Please enjoy some his family's favorite images from his recent newborn session.

Thinking about booking maternity and newborn portraits!? Please make sure to inquire ASAP! I only accept a few due dates per month. PLUS- I have a discount for the maternity session, if you book newborn and maternity sessions together- win-win! Don't forget to schedule those milestone sessions for your growing baby! Six months and one year milestones are the BIG ONES you don't want to miss.



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