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Families are constantly growing and evolving. Your family can look so different from even just one year to the next. Babies turn into toddlers, toddlers suddenly turn into elementary aged children, and those little, missing teeth grins turn into towering teenagers before you can even blink! It is so important to capture these moments BEFORE they slip away. 

As a parent myself, I understand the importance of savoring these memories.  I can help you create the perfect wall displays for your art! Together, we can create your own custom collection to match exactly what you want while finding the best savings for your budget! 

Allow me 
to take all the pressure off, by ordering professional heirloom products to display these gorgeous memories for all to see! 

When you choose Photography by Cat, I know you want something very special for your family! You are choosing the best the Lansing area has to offer for fine-art Family Portraiture!

Lansing, Michigan family photographer



Lansing, Michigan family photographer

Finally have your own "proof of Mom"! Never miss out on being in the family memories when you are able to be in front of the camera instead of behind it! 

Lansing, Michigan family photographer

Choose between indoor/studio or outdoor for your family session. 

Lansing, Michigan family photographer

No additional charges/ hidden fees for the amount of family members. Bring Grandpa and Grandma to join in the fun! 



You will never have these moments back. These ARE special and unique moments that deserve to be celebrated. Because portrait sessions are a lifetime events; no interest payment plans are available if needed! Never sacrifice the beautiful memories they want to pass down to future generations! 

Each session has a Session fee of 199.
Collections begin at just 599*.
*Clients typically invest in a collection vs purchasing items a la carte 

The session fee does not include any prints, products, or digital files- it only covers the service as well as reserving your due date on the calendar. Prints, digital files, wall art, and products will be designed for you to purchase during your personal ordering appointment.

There is no minimum purchase amount required! You are welcome to purchase as few or as many prints as your vision and budget allow.

Collections, packages, etc do not need to be ordered or paid for until after the proofs have been viewed. That way, you are only ordering the images you truly LOVE and want to display! 
 Collections typically include a print package, digital files, and/or other products- all rolled into one great price!

Please contact Cat for a detailed product pricing guide:

Lansing, Michigan family photographer
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