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[A] Maternity Session

I can't believe my beautiful friend is having a baby! Although, I did guess wrong and sent her a tutu as a gift when I found out she was expecting, I am still really excited to snuggle this little guy. I can't wait to take his newborn portraits! We are definitely going to have to fit a dinosaur into one or two of the photos. Haha

For [A]'s maternity session, we headed out to MSU and grabbed these gorgeous gold hour images. It's extra fun to take photos when you know you can be creative- I used a small crystal to give the first image a fun (in-camera) photo effect.

I kind of twisted her arm to wear one of the dresses from my client wardrobe and I'm glad I did! She looked so beautiful in the purple dress. And the blue dress was one she brought and now I'm thinking I need a dress in that shade too!

Please enjoy some of favorite images from her recent maternity session!

Thinking about booking maternity and newborn portraits!? Please make sure to inquire ASAP! I only accept a few due dates per month. PLUS- I have a discount for the maternity session if you book newborn and maternity sessions together- win-win!



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