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Photographers in Lansing MI // [J] Milestone

I just love getting to see Mr. [J] (and his new baby brother) every few months for updated portraits! I will never get over how amazing it is that I am to be part of the happiest times in my client's lives- pregnancies, the birth of a new baby, birthdays, etc! This session was cause for celebration! [J] is ONE! He sure did enjoy his cake! I have never seen some look more excited than when we placed the cake in front of him!

Please enjoy the highlights from his first birthday session!!

P.S. I have just announced a milestone event date for both the months of November and December. These milestone events are once a month and are limited to only three sessions. They have no session and only a small $100 minimum ordering amount. Please check out my facebook page for the events and how to sign up!


Cat 517 . 798 . 6438

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