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Documenting your own Fresh 48 session during COVID-19

If you are one of the very brave Mamas expecting a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be panicking because you are not allowed to have a professional photographer capture your birth or fresh 48 session.

In this blog post, I will share some tips and tricks to help capture your OWN fresh 48 session in the hospital.

Please note: This blog will not take the place of a trained and skilled, professional photographer; however, it will help you capture better cell phone photos.

Michigan Newborn Photographer

1. How to start

Babies are quick to get agitated when it comes to diaper and outfit changes. These changes can be stressful for BOTH parents and a new baby. If you want your new baby to be relaxed for your photos- make sure to change and THEN feed your baby.

Eating is very hard work and makes babies sleepy. This matters whether you change your baby into a simple onesie, swaddle, or an adorable outfit.

Michigan Newborn Photographer

2. Make sure you have enough light and clear your working space

Start by turning off those ugly, overhead lights. These lights will only mess with the color of your photos (white balance). Next, open up the blinds! Let as much natural light in a possible.

Make sure to also clear your working space. Remove any wrappers, drink cups, trash, clothing bags, etc.

Move large items like the bedside table and other big items like unoccupied chairs, etc. These items are crowding the already tight space- move them out of the working area (but keep them in the room and NOT blocking the exit/entrance.

Michigan Newborn Photographer

*Identifying information has been pixelated for my client's privacy

3. Don't forget the details

Because babies change so quickly; don't forget to capture those wrinkly toes, belly buttons, tiny noses, fingers, etc. There can never be too many detail shots.

Some of the "boring" detail shots- like white board wall signage (with Dr names, nurse names, etc) make for excellent detail shots. Bonus- wheel your baby's bassinet in front of the sign and you instantly have a great detail shot!

Other great detail shots not to forget: baby's security tags, bassinet sign, door number, picture of the hospital (when you enter or leave), clock when your baby is born (if your partner is capturing birth photos), and gifts (if you are allowed any flowers etc.)

Michigan Newborn Photographer

4. Switch up your angles

When you take a photo from one side of the bassinet; swap sides and take some from the other angle. Without getting too technical, this will help you decide which type of lighting you prefer. Plus, you will have double the photos if you do this! And who can have too many newborn memories?

5. Grab photos of your partner and have your partner grab photos of you!

I know this tip might seem like a no-brainer, but it is exhausting having a newborn baby! No one prepares you for how tired you will feel after a long labor and delivery. You might just forget to grab photos of your partner or vice versa. Make a point to have each one of you capture moments of your partner not only smiling at the camera- but also grab photos of you each interacting with your new baby. This can be smiling at your baby, singing, tickling toes, etc. Don't make it too technical- just have fun!

Michigan Newborn Photographer

5. Set up a self-timer for a family photo

With the current COVID-19 visitor restrictions placed at most hospitals, you might be worrying you won't be able to capture a good family photo. Not to worry! You can set up your phone or camera on a timer and grab several different photos of your new family!

When setting up your family photo, find a stable spot to place your camera or phone. Take a few test shots with the timer. Look through the photos and see if there is anything you can improve. Is there something in the way? Is someone's head cut off? Reframe and try again! If all else fails, there can always be a simple selfie to fall back on.

Michigan Newborn Photographer

* This sweet girl was almost 3 months old in this photo

I really hope you enjoyed these tips! I sincerely hope that these tips and tricks help you capture some beautiful memories! If you are worried you will be missing out on professional newborn portraits- in addition to your hospital photos- never fear! I am VERY experienced in photographing older newborns and still capturing BEAUTIFUL memories to last for years to come! Because life happens... but that doesn't need to come between me capturing your life along the way!

Please contact me about how to book your studio newborn session today!



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