Documenting your own Fresh 48 session during COVID-19

If you are one of the very brave Mamas expecting a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be panicking because you are not allowed to have a professional photographer capture your birth or fresh 48 session.

In this blog post, I will share some tips and tricks to help capture your OWN fresh 48 session in the hospital.

Please note: This blog will not take the place of a trained and skilled, professional photographer; however, it will help you capture better cell phone photos.

Michigan Newborn Photographer

1. How to start

Babies are quick to get agitated when it comes to diaper and outfit changes. These changes can be stressful for BOTH parents and a new baby. If you want your new baby to be relaxed for your photos- make sure to change and THEN feed your baby.

Eating is very hard work and makes babies sleepy. This matters whether you change your baby into a simple onesie, swaddle, or an adorable outfit.

Michigan Newborn Photographer

2. Make sure you have enough light and clear your working space

Start by turning off those ugly, overhead lights. These lights will only mess with the color of your photos (white balance). Next, open up the blinds! Let as much natural light in a possible.

Make sure to also clear your working space. Remove any wrappers, drink cups, trash, clothing bags, etc.

Move large items like the bedside table and other big items like unoccupied chairs, etc. These items are crowding the already tight space- move them out of the working area (but keep them in the room and NOT blocking the exit/entrance.