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Lansing Newborn Photographer // Photography by Cat // [ T ] Family

As a Lansing Newborn Photographer, I have been EXTRA busy this late summer/ early fall with sessions, sessions and more sessions! I can't complain though! I am loving meeting each and every new client and their adorable babies and families! I promised myself that I would get caught up on some much overdue blog posts! And what better day to publish the [ T ] Family's blog post than on the special occasion of one of these little beauties' birthday!! Happy birthday Sweet Girl!! Hope it has been a blast and filled with yummy cake and ice cream!

This extended Family session was a lot of fun for me because the [ T ] Family also just so happens to be related to me (we share the same last name)!! We enjoyed lots of laughs while we trying to beat the crazy, summer heat. We were able to find some nice shady areas to shoot our session. And the images came out beautiful!!

I hope you enjoy viewing a few of the highlights from this extended family shoot!

Happy viewing!!

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